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Transforming ideas into solutions

Software development is a fastest growing sector of IT industry. In this competitive world, it can prove to be a best way for every business to match up with others thus to stay ahead it is very necessary for a business entity to optimize their business processes and to achieve this they must implement several software solutions.

TechnoBuzz Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a leading young dynamic custom software development & recruitment company that offers quality application development services to business entities that help them to achieve their position in business world. Our proven methodologies and expertise, combined with vast knowledge of latest development languages and tools offers robust, high-end, scalable software solutions at reasonable and affordable prices.

We are well qualified IT professionals who have over decade of experience in Software Development and believe in delivering the tremendous work based on the latest technologies and innovative ideas.

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Application & Website Development

TechnoBuzz Solutions focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective software development, we believe in delivering the tremendous work based on innovative ideas, latest technologies & tools and trend of the business market. We aimed to provide transparent, result-oriented services. We have helped businesses develop fully functional, feature rich and compatible applications.

We have delivered highly scalable & secure web app development solutions to clients in diverse industries including Banking and Finance, Education and e-Learning, surveys, Health and Safety, governments, automotive and many more.

Mobile App Development

Mobile technology has changed everybody’s life to a great extent. For enterprises, it facilitates wider and unparalleled reach to the target audience, enhances the service standards, better cooperation and communication among employees and also supports business transformation opportunities within an enterprise. Mobility also adds liquidity to stationary enterprise processes thus enhancing their global reach. Enterprise mobility is now an essential component of an every enterprise's strategy.

Whether you require native or cross platform apps, our mobile application development services are designed to deliver cutting-edge, customized mobility solutions for your unique business requirements. Our highly experienced developers have built a range of secured and scalable, feature-rich, and high-performing apps for clients in diverse industries.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is the future and in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on the countless benefits it provides; cost-saving, performance, scalability, reliability and speed of development by modernizing and migrating your applications to the Cloud. We make use of the leading and state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure framework to deliver the best Cloud computing solutions that will take your business to the next level. Azure is a cloud platform offering flexible, scalable and affordable infrastructure based on Windows and Linux. This cutting-edge technology meets the rigorous security and compliance requirement standard and allows us to build, integrate and deploy web, mobile and API apps that offer exceptional performance, incredible speed and agility.

We provide a full range of Cloud services beginning with consulting, cloud application development & implementation to integration, migration and testing services. Our team of expert Cloud developers are qualified professionals with the proficiency in the development of Cloud programming platforms such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and more.

DevOps (CI/CD)

DevOps brings together developers and IT operations (IT Ops) under one umbrella. Automation plays a major role in the DevOps model, which requires a close working relationship between these often-siloed teams. DevOps is really about automating everything to get custom software through development into your operations as quickly as possible.

We help organisations, large and small, understand their DevOps needs and then assist them to align their Development and Operations teams to achieve better efficiency to ultimately achieve faster time to market. Based on the environment, we will identify and recommend a DevOps tool chain that will help you align your Development and Operations teams. Our DevOps engineers will assist you to implement DevOps best practices and help automate and measure the efficiency of your development pipeline.

Micro-Services Development

Microservices architecture is a better way of implementing a service oriented architecture. It gives you the ability to create competitive software which is scalable, flexible, and reliable. Microservice architecture, or simply microservices, is a distinctive method of developing software systems that tries to focus on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations.

Microservice brings lots of benefits like Simpler To Deploy (Deploy in literal pieces without affecting other services), Simpler To Understand (Follow code easier since the function is isolated and less dependent), Reusability Across Business (Share small services like payment or login systems across the business)

Our process is simple and effective we begin with an existing legacy application that is typically massive. The first stage is decomposition, we separate an existing infrastructure into modules or parts. We still keep all the connections and relations within the code but check for code duplication. This step helps to make the code more stable, compact, and easier to support. Next Stage is called decoupling, in simpler terms turning modules into independent microservices. It helps to make parts of the application easy to manage.

Database Management & Reporting

Database Management (SQL & NoSQL), allows us to organize, store and retrieve data. Database Management can also describe, the data storage, operations and security practices of a Database Administrator (DBA), throughout the life cycle of the data. Managing a database involves designing, implementing and supporting stored data, to maximize its value.

We assist businesses to manage their data effeciently, Organize and track customers, inventory, and employees, Ensure adequate query performance, Store data of distinct types, Automate processes, Generate reports & Integrate with other popular reporting platforms.

GIS Development

Geospatial data is everywhere. Customer addresses, time zones, office facility locations, service areas, political boundaries, status of shipments, utility networks, field-worker positions, real estate, location of mobile assets, and warehouse sites are all examples of geospatial data. Using GIS to leverage this information is critical to an organization’s continued success.

GIS technology allows us to visualize and analyze the connection of a feature attribute with its geographic location. GIS displays this data in the form of a smart map. Viewing and analyzing the data in such an intuitive manner means that we can spot trends and relationships that are not apparent in tables of rows and columns.

We assist developing custom GIS applications, which clients can better integrate with their existing technologies, workflows and also make GIS available to the people in the organization at all levels who need it most.

Recruitment Permanent, Contract & Freelancers

We offers full recruitment process which includes Job Profiling, Posting, Sourcing, Competency, Assessments, Background Checks, Administrative & Management Support.

We prepare full job specification & post to ensure that our clients expectations and needs are met in terms of quality, budget and time.

Millions of small businesses use Freelancer to turn their ideas into reality, We have talented & experienced developers who love coding in their spare time.

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